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Last Updated: June 10, 2007

Here is my very last page on emerald06: May I present the PHS Concert Percussion Ensemble! Our show piece this year was called "Rochambeaux" by Brian S. Mason and it was a major success! This year was a new experience for everyone involved because it was the first year that we performed in the concert division instead of the marching division done in previous years. From what I have heard, the percussionists were glad to eliminate the extra hassles of Winterline and really focus on the music.

Our rehearsals started way back in February every Thursday from 6 to 9 PM. Each week we worked on a different segment of the music and were able to play the entire piece just in time for our second competition. The season wrapped up with our final competition at the end of April. Here is a complete list of our shows and results:

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Artesia HS Competiton-Sat, March 3, 2007; Results: 1st out of 1, 76.05 points
Centennial HS Competition-Sat, March 31, 2007; Results: 1st out of 4, 88.25 points
Santiago HS Competition-Sat, April 21, 2007; Results: 2nd out of 3, 87.60 points
ADLA Championships at AB Miller HS-Sat, April 28, 2007; Results: 2nd out of 5, 90.70 points

The most amazing part about our group was that there are only nine of us! Aaron A. and Rajan H. are our two awesome and insanely talented seniors; Nafisah T. and Rachel P. are both juniors and pit section leaders; Keenan W. and myself are sophomores on the edge; Andy F. is a freshman who is new to this thing (just as I am); and finally Josh C. who has actually been with the PHS percussion program for two years even though he is only an 8th grader! Also, I would like to recognize Stuart P. who was with us for a short time and our two hard-working instructors, Mr. Crooks and Mr. Paul.

Although I am a little short on pictures here, I made up for it on the Sounds and Video pages! Go check them out! And although the season is over, we will be having two revival performances: at lunch in the N-quad on Wed, June 13th and at the spring band concert on Thur, June 14th! I hope that you will enjoy our live performances as well as my last additions to the website!

Pictures from AmericanDrumline.org

Pictures by Mrs. Pollack

Official Pictures

Until next year, have a great summer!!!

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